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Health Services

One Cura Wellness is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization focused on providing quality health services to rural communities. Founded in 2011 to help reverse the surge of rural health service closures across America, our organization is committed to working with hospital staffs, physicians, and local leaders to better provide quality services to the patients and families that reflect the health needs of each unique community. One Cura seeks to connect charitable donors nationwide with our mission to vastly improve health services of underserved rural areas across our country.


With Hospitals

Rural hospitals are a critical part of our national healthcare delivery system. They provide emergency department services, inpatient care, outpatient care, long-term care, and care coordination services – and often serve as the sole access point for health services within large geographical regions. One Cura understands the importance of rural hospitals as an integral member of their respective areas and strives to elevate each One Cura facility to be an outstanding civic partner. By recruiting and retaining a talented workforce, responding to the community needs of the local populace, and continually improving the hospital facilities, One Cura tailors the health services provided to each unique community.



The establishment of One Cura Family Clinics further ingrains our organization into the everyday lives of our communities, as our primary care providers are the first contact for outpatient health services. Additionally, organizing health fairs, blood drives, and other civic events provides opportunity to educate our communities in wellness practices and promote healthy living. One Cura’s facilities take pride in providing exceptional care and being an active partner, neighbor, and community leader.